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Jim’s Daily Rant. Emergency - Part IIB: Lets All Calm Down.

Updated: Mar 14

I will continue with the last two parts tomorrow, that being:

Part III - How To Let The Government Finance Your Survival.

Part IV - The legalities and Risk Analysis of these plans.

The squeamish need not read them.

But Consider This.

a) In today’s world people are sometimes late on filing their tax returns. The penalty is a $50 fine and interest on the late payments.

b) If employers go bankrupt before making all trust payroll taxes in their possession, the late penalty is 100% of the deposits that are due. Thus the owner, or responsible person that failed to make that deposit, now owes twice the original amount due.

This is the worst penalty due the IRS, in my world.

In life businesses fail and the responsible parties fall on hard times. They don’t go to hell prison for bad times.

c) However. If a business person who sees most businesses in failure, were to redirect trust money into Silver Dollars and holds it for the rightful owner, because there is doubt about the future governments and who will survive, where will that business person be the future?

How about him now holding 100 times the value of the original amount originally due to IRS. That's where he will be. Then that party can easily pay the double amount due penalty, with a hefty tip!

This is not irresponsibility. It is just not paying a dying government, out to kill you, until they demonstrate they have changed their ways.

d) Every taxpayer has the legal right to declare more dependents as a means to reduce their withholding amount because they anticipate low taxes due the IRS at the end of the year. Therefore, when I post tomorrow I will be working within the IRS system and using legal options to all taxpayers. If you take a risk you will know what the penalty for it will be, if the government survives. If this last sentence confuses you let's try it this way instead. Have you ever seen migrants forced out of their country into exile, first have to go through a station where they make certain you filed your last tax return before forcing them into exile? I didn't think so.

So let’s all remain calm until tomorrow. This is not about Patriotism because I no longer know what that word means anymore. I am not going to suggest we crawl over the fence into Mexico.

Till tomorrow. Crazy Jim

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