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Jim’s Daily Rant. Eating Soup With A Fork.

Today Clif High suggested that the violence will be starting much less than a few months away as he originally thought. He is referring to the violence of the citizens against those murdering their families with a bio-weapon.

I suspect we will begin to see it within two weeks. But no, it won’t be started by citizens with pitchforks. I believe the violence will be started by Antifa. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

I believe they are the Elites first line of defense in the U.S. That is because they are stupid, expendable and cheap. They will be paid to show their arrogant violent asses to teach the rest of the citizenry to always mind Miss Manners and remain calm and civil no matter what. It will be like they are violently jerking forks out of a bowl of soup to prove they can eat soup that way, only to teach us it can’t be done.

But there comes a time when a person’s extended family is threatened with death and he must retaliate with violence to stop that threat immediately.

How will it be done? I suspect this way in regards to Antifa. I suspect several buddies will get out of their trucks with their weapons, hold hands in a circle like ball teams do, shout “Boom Shackalaka, Boom Shackalaka, we are the Militia of Macon!”, their oath of office. That then gives them the legal right to make a Militia arrest of the violent ones or subdue them by firing into their legs, if necessary. That will end Antifa faster that the police can by doing pitched battle with them, inflaming them along.

Can you imagine the fear that will send into Antifa and their owners?

Your thoughts?

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