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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Daily Rant - . . . Dress Casual.

I once saw a cartoon of two Indians encircled by a hundred braves of another tribe with spears pointed at them. The chief apparently asked his sidekick to explain the invitation they received. The sidekick said “It just said: You are invited to a Bar-B-Q. Dress casual.”

My wife says I am really stretching my imagination with this, but is this a set-up for an arrest at Congress?

After watching the Bill Still podcast today about Pelosi calling an “urgent” meeting of Congress today to vote more funds for Ukraine I have been just wondering. Is this a end of the year New Years Eve party some companies do t steal money from their own business at the last minute?

Is this a trap for the White Hats to make arrests of certain Congressmen? One thing is for certain, If Zelensky shows up he can be arrested on the spot for money laundering and stealing from the U.S. Government if someone has the balls to do it.

If Zelensky you have the hub for most of the Deep State crimes the past few years, including money laundering, fake war on Russia, the Biden & Biden business and the election stealing. Plus this would end a possible nuclear war.

Could this unusual Artic blast be weather modified to keep the U.S. people locked down while arrests are being made?

Can this be the big December 24th announcement?

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