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Jim’s Daily Rant. Dr. Michael Burry, Junior Ranger, Of The Big Short.

This is for all who have seen the 2015 Movie, The Big Short. It is about the individuals who saw the Housing Market Collapse of 2008 coming and purchased derivatives as insurance against it.

Dr. Burry returned 4 times (4:1) his clients original investment to them, making it an amazing 400% Return on Investment (ROI).

He and others that saw the collapse coming purchased the derivatives (bets) from banks. Their fear is that the banks themselves might go bankrupt before they could pay out.

Now we are in 2023 expecting the banks in total as well as the Federal government to collapse in two months. But if you act fast, mail me two (2) large Tootsie Rolls (unopened), you too can be a Dr. Burry Junior Ranger and do what he did, but without the risk of the bank going broke and not paying you. You will be holding the valuable goods the entire time.

Purchase Silver Eagle U.S. dollars or Buffalo Rounds, for about $30 each. Within a year after the collapse they should be worth about $3,000 each, in today's currency. But instead of getting a 10:1 return as they got, you will be getting a 100:1 return.

The Universe is just handing it to you on a silver platter. Take it.

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