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Jim’s Daily Rant. Don’t Fret If You Can’t Make A Quick $20 Billion.

Don’t feel down if you are a thirty-something who can’t grasp how easy it is to make a giant killing on the collapse as those in the movie The Big Short. The truth is you don’t need to. That’s more for the jocks that live for the thrill of the big kill.

You need to know that those money jocks spent a lifetime getting the experience, training, losses and skill-set to spot the opportunity and then contract to make it happen as they visualized it. Most of us can’t even visualize that in just a few months, much less learn how to do it. But that doesn’t mean we are shut out.

First go small. I am still of the opinion that for every ounce of silver (silver Dollar) you purchase for $30 will soon be valued at around $3,000 each. That is a $100 return for every dollar you invest. That is $100,000 for every $1,000 investment you make. Thus a $10,000 investment will give you a $1 Million Nest egg. So you can do this a little at a time although your time is running out.

The next way to cash in is to educate yourself and prepare your mind for the coming changes. This can get you the same big money change in your life. Here’s how.

As Robert Kiyosaki said in his book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, there are only two money problems that people can have. One is not enough money and the other is too much money. If NESARA is real and we have reparations due us based on our ages, the older folks will have a lot of wealth coming their way. The younger folks will have a lot less and will have to continue working in some manner, but perhaps not as hard as they did before the collapse.

Then on top of that a lot of global companies will collapse from the economic change. That will furlough a lot of employees, with both wage earners in a family at once. But of course, their reparations will bide them over with plenty of time to discover their next employer.

Today John Rubino talked about the older generation with bad knees and hips living in three story houses that are now too big for them. He failed to go further and suggest that under NESARA personal mortgages will be forgiven. So now we have parents free of mortgages, loaded with wealthy cash and are now free to downsize without having to sell their current home. Imagine the possibilities there!

The parents can offer their unemployed married offspring the chance to move back West Kalamazoo into the parents home, rent free. This now gives the parents a local family to lean on. The kids can now job search locally.

The home can be deeded in several ways, or leased rent free with repairs made by the tenants. Deed the home to your biological child if afraid of a divorce. Consider it giving them a late dowry. There are several ways to get them home.

The point is we have to appreciate that major life changes are in order and we need to have an open mind about creating our new future once we are freed. We can do anything we vision to do.

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