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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Daily Rant. Disturbing Information Out Today.

Two reports came out today that I find quite disturbing. The first was the Ben Fulford Blurb.

In it he suggests:

A. The SCOTUS passed on the Brunson case because there is a clone Trump that might become the President, and he is controlled by the CABAL.

B. There is a move to dump Biden and Harris, making McCarthy the interim President long enough to hold a special election.

C. “B” above was a brokered deal to allow the pedophile Biden to escape without being prosecuted for pedophilia. The deal brokered also did not allow the real Trump to assume Presidency although he could still run for President.

The other report was Bill Stills podcast Election Fraud Continues By Database Latency!!! In it he points to Jim Hoft’s work in discovering how the Dems are committing election fraud in mass and are in place to continue to do so in future elections.

To me, both of these reports, is we accept them as the truth, spell danger ahead.

If we assume the CABAL controls the Trump we see in public,

and if we accept that there is a fake Trump in public handled by the CABAL, then we must assume the CABAL is still all powerful.

That assumption coupled with the Jim Hoft story of continued voter fraud spells another cheated election ahead, therefore the past few years were all in vain as to going back to the Constitution.

If this is all true then with or without the military, the societal execution of all those that committed this coup upon America must be executed in public as quickly and as bloody as it may be. Nothing short of executions will prevent voter fraud in the future.

So either the Military steps in with true tribunals for Treason and Crimes Against Humanity, or we need to turn out in the streets and do the best we can under the circumstances.

In the same process, the Central banks must be forced into collapse as quickly as possible.

Your thoughts?

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Jan 16, 2023

I do not believe it, Jim. I see all sorts of positive developments happening -- Cabal losing its fight in Ukraine and Syria, truth coming out biggly in regard to Covid, FBI interference, etc. It does not appear to me that The Cabal is in control. It appears to me that The Cabal is performing ritual suicide due to the gun pointed at it by White Hats.

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