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Jim’s Daily Rant. December 13th On The Moon.

Today is the 13th and I am doing like a lot of you, just calmly whileing away waiting to see what happens between the 13th and 15th. I feel that the White Hats have to show their stuff between now and three days before Christmas. I feel they want to give the US peace of mind before Christmas and it has to be a few days before the holidays so families can come together in somewhat calmness. The calmness will come from having a few days to accept mind blowing news to both sides.

So today, to escape the news, I decided to finally wrestle with one problem I have pushed off for most of my adult life – was the moon landing real? About three years after the ‘69 moon landing on TV I began hearing arguments to the contrary. Before the moon landing I had read books on rockets and eventually read more on the plans and problems of space exploration. So I watched 1969 somewhat informed.

I believed what we all saw. But at the same time I was confused because I had a firm belief in van Allen’s research on the radiation belts around the earth that would cook life passing through them. I never heard mention of how that impossible problem was now suddenly possible to overcome. It simply wasn’t discussed.

To make it hard to understand or discover the cure for it, that was a time before the internet. Time and Newsweek magazines in the library had no discussions when I searched them. So when arguments began to come forward, I just tucked them in my mind for further research as I was reading in other directions then.

So today I finally devoted time for it. I watched a 3.5 hour video American Moon - Proof Apollo Mission Was Impossible. It was an incredible, reliable presentation of the key arguments, both for and against the supposition that the landings were all faked. It also contends that the van Allen Belt is still holding life travel into distant space impossible to us as the world currently understands technology.

The bottom line for me is no reasonable person can believe man ever went into deep space after watching just one hour of this presentation.

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