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Jim’s Daily Rant. Death By Exponential Treasury Bond Repurchases.

I recently listened to the Chris Martenson podcast, Entire Financial System Can Go Down Soon -Chris Martenson.   He says we are in the “quickening stage” now in regards to financial collapse due to exponential growth.

At the 12 Minute Mark, he explains it this way:

Imagine you are in a large stadium we have made water tight. Hold out your hand and I will use an eye-dropper to put one drop in your hand. Then every minute later, I will double the amount I put in your hand the prior minute. In five minutes you will have a small vial of water. In 45 minutes you will suddenly get concerned as the water is now touching your feet. In 5 more minutes the entire stadium is filled.

The 45 minute mark was your quickening stage but at that time the stadium was still 97% empty. But because of the exponential rate doubling, the last 5 minutes goes from 3% full to 6%, 12%, 24% 48% then 96% full! This is where we are now with the Treasury Bonds.

We are now actually selling 2 1/2 times the amount of US Treasury bonds to pay off the old 0% Bonds and issue 5% bonds in their place, plus borrowing for new war deficit budget spending. All this is being done by the Treasury in a Ponzi scheme as no one else is buying our bonds anymore.

We are currently financing a $100 Trillion debt every 100 days, and that is increasing exponentially! Our Fiat money system is now in it’s exponential last 5 minutes. Next it will be $100 Trillion every 50 days then $100 Trillion every 25 days. Someone will blink first.

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