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Jim’s Daily Rant. De Jure National Grand Jury, The Ultimate Act Of Defiance To The Elite CABAL.

Yesterday this article was posted by an attorney: Calling for a Citizen-Led National Grand Jury for the Maui Fire. This is an explosive idea that must be attempted. Here’s why in a nutshell.

We see the Trump machine making every attempt to utilize the legal system to right our hijacked ship-of- state and so far having every door to the courts locked closed. There is no debate of this fact. We have all seen it.

We know the U. S. Military is not authorized to step in and use force on its own country unless our:

Constitution is ignored AND there is truly no legal legal remedy as all legal avenues are closed to the people;When this condition has been established AND the life of the country is truly at stake, only then can the military legally step in.

Our country was predicated when violence was begun to address the above legal conditions; there was no other form of redress to the colonists. This is what we have been lead to believe. I dispute this however. The final straw in that should have been played in 1776 and today is the De jure (citizen) Grand Jury. But before discussing that type of Grand Jury, allow me to point out the difference between 1776 and 2023. In 1776 the colonists had no real standing army to protect them from the mighty British Government.

However, today we do have a standing army waiting in the wings to step in at the right moment that can save the day. We just need to give that army the unequivocal right to do so. The final step might be a Citizen’s De Jure Grand Jury. If the hijacked government blocks that door then violence by the military is dictated as wall as possible violence by the citizens.

So let me restate what was said in the above paragraphs. The military can only step in to end the hijacked government and put it back on the track of the Constitution until the country is truly on its deathbed and ALL legal remedies have been blocked to right the problem. I suggest the last unopened door tested is the Citizen’s De Jure Grand Jury.

This door must be tested immediately to compel the military to step in and assist us in saving our sovereignty!


A De Jure Grand jury means it is a lawful jury. What we have now are De Facto Grand Juries, meaning they are not lawful but the people don’t protest so we all pretend they are lawful.

To restate the above, before the 1016 battle of Hastings, England, the king was the judge at all courts. He would never pass a judgment that harmed himself. After that battle he was no longer the court. Courts were called by common people both criminal and civil.

So what happened to those courts. Eventually the courts were taken over by governments (the King again) and they were wiped from our memory. We gave up our rights.

Fifteen years ago I was a volunteer for 6 months trying to bring up De Jure citizen grand juries in 60 of the 120 counties in Florida so we could force the state back to our state Republic. I was the only member with legal training but was only a Paralegal. I began by researching De Jure juries but located no information on their formation or procedures.

It took me some time before I realized why there was no written record. It was because it was so common that everyone was familiar with the simple system. It was like researching a recipe for cooking a poached egg that detailed how to open the egg first. I doubt any cookbook details that because it is almost a natural act so why describe it. So I prepared a manual for prospective jurors to learn how to crack this egg.

The last time a DeJure Grand Jury was convened was around our Civil War. Imagine that. I appears our Civil War was fought to determine who was on top, the National Government or the Individual States. We are still fighting that war today.


When the CABAL topples, we will need De Jure Grand Juries, given to us by the Magna Carter of 1066, to stop the king. The De Juries give the jurors to revoke all unlawful laws enacted by the King/governments by using the Juror's Right Of Annulment. If just one jury member feels the law addressed is unlawful, he can revoke that law.

This is how we will devolve our Central Governments over us now, national and down to city governments. Therefore, we must push this concept now as it is what will be needed to take back our control. Central governments cannot devolve themselves.

The author above is a genius to suggest a National De Jure Grand Jury to fire on the CABAL. It will be their worst nightmare!

See more of my writings on this subject: De Jure Grand Jury       De Jure Grand Juries. 


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