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Jim’s Daily Rant. Déjà Vu UFO Invasion?

Ten years ago I wrote my premonitions on what was about to happen in the Collapse and Reset.

In that article, Humanity Awakens, I said this towards the ending:

“When I began this article, I said that I thought I figured out what the catalyst for the collapse would be, but later decided I was wrong. Well, here is that false start. I figured that if a machine of some sort landed on earth that was obviously not from earth, we would all clamor for a one-world government that could collectively protect us. It had to be a machine, however. If a being appeared, then the big countries would most probably cut a deal and sell the smaller countries out, if necessary. But a single machine that does nothing . . . you get no feedback as to what the intentions are, cannot communicate, and become terrified of the unknown. But the time for that is gone, as we have been programmed to accept that intelligent life is flying those UFOs that visit us, so we can forget about the machine probe.”

Déjà Vu fake UFO Invasion incoming?

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