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Jim’s Daily Rant. Current Status of The Brunson Case In The SCOTUS.

Per Juan O’Savin today:

4 MM There are several parties that may want to enter Amicus Briefs to assist the court.

11 MM Their first attempt was held up. A second one was to be refiled under National Security Status. When the SCOTUS heard about this they had a clerk reach out to the brothers, advise them how to do it and asked for it immediately.

16 MM They got it done in a week. The US Attorney stepped forward and said he would act on behalf of the defendants. He defaulted in filing a response (due 11/23).

The Brothers are traveling trumpet players but avid researchers when not playing.

19 MM Lame Duck session being dangerous discussed. The SCOTUS sees this time as a possible attack on them and this case might be held as a defense if the Congress attacks them.

23 MM If ruled on positively, US Marshalls would run-oft 188 Congressmen immediately and they cannot ever hold office nor draw their pensions.

25 MM Trump might still be the President and gets to name his VP.

He believes the court will act because the asked for the case.

He thinks the court will wait and act after the Congress adjourns on Dec. 2st., unless the Congress tries anything funny.

29 MM If a congressman is out so too is their entire staff. SCOUTUS may let this become a Mexican Standoff and do nothing.

36 MM It appears Trump may be arrested in Florida. Perhaps Trump will play the ultimate Trump card just as he is about to be arrested, ending the game.

41 MM Will Trumpet players take the CABAL Down?

51 MM What happens if the SCOTUS doesn’t act?

56 MM The Demos can arrest Trump. It has never been done as a courtesy.

62 MM The people have had 2 years under this problem and the SCOTUS now sees that.

Also Keep In Mind that yesterday SG Anon said that we may be hit by another Bio-weapon attack. He is just pointing out a threat or a longer timeline?

P. S. My wife and I saw Brunson Brothers performing in New Orleans, in the French Quarter, one afternoon. We were there for "medicinal purposes". They were amazing to see! I remember them well because three of them are Sanguine Personalities - what are the odds of that? See: 3 Minute Video

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