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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Daily Rant. Coupla Coupla Questions For Ya.

1) Is Letitiia James the rainmaker for the Socialist state of New York, seizing assets for the state coffers? Or is she possibly setting up buddies? See: Link

2) When working a Florida voting station Tuesday, I noticed that only about 2.5% of voters in the primary were under the age of 30.

Could this be related to the podcast Ancient Bloodlines / Contemporary Power [Mind control].

That podcast discusses the history of using 5G towers to mind control young people. It is a must see podcast.

3) Is Boeing Intentionally being sabotaged to bankrupt it for an anxious buyer? Or is Boeing trying to lose future contracts so it can be free to leap on the new technologies to be released, such as anti-gravity vehicles or Zero Point Energy devices?

4) If nothing else, Fani Willis has been a delightful butt of many jokes, hasn’t she?

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