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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Daily Rant. Congratulations. We Now Know What To Expect In a Few Weeks (with my bet).

We know all that one can expect to know about a covert war.

In a few weeks the world will then see a covert war that we have been dealing with the past two years.

P. S. My wife Betty is the brains of this outfit. She thinks Trump will explain to America, on the 10th, the Brunson Brothers case before the SCOTUS. Then a week later he may announce either:



Gold Backed Dollar


Brunson case was decided last year by SCOTUS.

I am betting he will announce the Brunson case was already decided a year ago and here is what that means to America (what has occurred to date and the plan forward). This gives people a week to digest it before family get-togethers.

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