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Jim’s Daily Rant. Closer Look at The Newly Released Writ Of Quo Warranto Discussed By SGAnon.

A friend sent me 10 attachments of the 15 page document that SGAnon discussed in Russia-NATO War Underway | US Congress Preparing for FINSYS Collapse | Alliance Assassinations: Iran Purge

They are blurred and appear to me to have been photographed by a telephone.

I was anxious to read what I worked hard have created myself 20 years ago. I wanted to see another groups’ work product of success. I believe it is the real thing but there is no way a non-paid human and can read all of it.

I personally believe it is blurred on purpose. The only reason I can think of is to protect the identity of the members of all of the required County Assemblies and Grand Juries involved 15 years ago when they delivered their Writ.

However, if you examine the final page which lists each of the 50 State Grand Jury, you will see only a Post Office Box for each of them. So the blurring really doesn’t protect them.

Nevertheless, I do believe that Writ is the real thing otherwise, nothing we see in the mad world around us now would not make any sense at all.

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