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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Daily Rant. Clif’s Post About New Currency.

As a teenager, I saw this sign In a Gift Shop”

Why Worry?

Either You Live Or Die.

If You Live, nothing To Worry About.

If You Die, You Either Go To Heaven Or Hell.

If You Go The Heaven, Nothing To Worry About.

If You Go to Hell, You Will Be So Busy Shaking Hands With All Your Damned Friends You Won’t Have Time To Worry!

I am sure Clif has put a lot of thought into it. But the game hasn’t played out yet.

We still have to win the 3.000 year of war with lots of humans still alive.

We have to create a new global Economic System, and

while the medical system collapses, heal ourselves from Covid and food poisoning.

Then we need to discuss the new earth and stop juggling nuclear bombs.

Oh yeah, did I mention worrying about the new money in our pockets?

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