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Jim’s Daily Rant. Clif High’s Advice To “My Name Is Jim And I Wanna Be Slim”.

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

[Updated 6/24/23 with a P.S. at bottom.]

I started Clif’s suggested diet method to remove my belly gut a week ago. So far I lost one pound per day, and at this rate, I expect to lose 30 pounds in 30 days! My only exercise is walking to the Frig for another glass of tea. Folks, this is the new technology!

The only action required is to cut out seed oils, return to butter and animal fat based lard, and wear an exercise belt with a tinge unit to tickle the muscles ($70).

The remainder of this Rant is geared for those not familiar with Clif High or his podcast on Fats. In my opinion, Clif is a self taught genius but in particular concern to you, taught himself cancer medicine after he fired his Oncologists when he was near deafor your He then healed himself so that today he is health and cancer free.

One of the many things he learned was that the Elite have been intentionally poisoning us for profit. In the 1960s we were taught that butter and Crisco Lard were poisonous to us and instead we should move to Margarine. Margarine is the closest cousin to plastic, thus it is motor oil based.

Later we were introduced to vegetable oils and seed oils, most of which are poisonous to humans, like Soy beans are. That is why we never boil up soy beans for dinner. These seed oils cannot be digested by humans. But they added extra hydrogen to it in order to trick our bodies into digestion.

What Clif discovered is that when the body needs immediate sugar from fats, it does not recognize the seed oils stored mainly around the belly, so it searches further for animal fat. Therefore, we get bigger and bigger. The tinge machine causes those muscles to twitch in irregular patterns, tricking the body to believe we are exercising and need fast local sufor your backside.gar. It now withdraws the seed oil fat and expels it.

Folks, this is part of the new medical technology they have concealed from us.


Judge for yourself.

True Fat - Discusses seed fats. Begin with this 30 minute podcast posted May, 2023.

Then listen to the first 10 minutes of this podcast Crispy Critters, posted June, 2023.

My Personal Belt Use:

I use a low tinge setting from 3 to 5, ten minute intervals each, about 15 times per day.

I notice that my pulse rate remains high for a half hour after, just like from exercise. I also believe my body is more energized and loaded with endorphins, calming me.

for your backside.

See also Clif's Introduction below.

P. S. I failed to mention an infrared sunlamp ($38) for your backside. I will begin to use mine for 30 minute per day, than experiment with adjusted times. I will update this post again after 6/25/23.

Clif High - Introduction
Download PDF • 45KB

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