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Jim’s Daily Rant. Clif High On Religions In 2024.

Clif discusses impacts on religions in his Podcast: Crack open the ELohim egg...

Since it is only 25 minutes long I will not note the Minute Marks. You need to hear this for yourself.

Many Catholic churches will be sold. Synagogues will be unused, unsellable and abandoned.

By this fall, some Rabbis in the Rabbinical circle will be murdered as a result of child molestation and child sacrifices. Some deaths will be from vigilantes and others from molested young men. Be aware in the higher up Jewish faith a blood sacrifice is needed to atone for one’s sins.

The Torah, Old Testament and the bible of Muslims will be discarded as evidence shows those ancient texts referred to space aliens instead of one true god. This will leave those religions in chaos as they reinvent themselves.

There will be a huge revival of Christianity in the U.S. after it abandons the Old Testament.

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