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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Daily Rant. Can The Reaction To The Sinaloa Cartel Controlling Arizona Be A Slow Kicked Can?

You bet it can! If Governor Kati Hobbs goes to work today I feel sure she will be eating Anti-Diarrhea pills out of her purse like they are Tic Tacs. I tell you, her stomach is not going to be up to acting as god in the public arena any more. She will be there because she is forced into it.

In a normal world, talk of indictments would be out by now and proceedings to convene one would be in the works. But Arizona is another “Too Big To Fail”. No one in the state will step up – they will simply side-step it in public. The same will be true of the Federal DOJ.

I believe this card has been played at the right time. Arizona will become the Patriots Bunker Hill within a few weeks when it becomes apparent that we will be expected to simply accept what we now see.

I predict Arizona is where the blood letting and open attacks on public officials will begin. Your thoughts?

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