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Jim’s Daily Rant. Can The Government Judge Itself Or Be A Victim?

Updated: Apr 3

Yesterday I read a pamphlet titled Common Law Hand Book For The Grand Jury.

The opening page of the second book stunned me. I knew this but to read it again was a real slap in the face for our own stupidity.

Clearly the government cannot be in charge of deciding for themselves whether or not they should indict themselves on criminal charges or not. This is precisely why we have so much corruption in our government. It is the duty of the people to stand up as faithful and wise stewards (Luke 12:42) and bring the servants who think themselves as Masters back into subjection.
Common Law Is Common Sense. The question each jurist must ask himself is “Is there an injured party”? There Is a Common Law principle which states that for there to be a crime, there must first be a victim (corpus delecti); the state cannot be the injured party. In the absence of a victim there can be no crime. This is what the Grand Jurist must discover.

Need I ask who the victim is in Trump's charge in New York for overvaluing his real estate?

Need I ask who the victim is in Trump's charge in Fulton County Ga. for saying the election was a fraud?

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