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Jim’s Daily Rant. Calm Sunday. [Updated 4 PM CT]

I got up at 3 AM to check the news and post. I then overslept the 9:30 CST. It was nice.

I had my customary leisurely breakfast with the sliding glass door open to the sunny 69 degree weather. I gazed at our freshly plowed fields from yesterday. All is so beautiful and calm.

But now back to the real world. From my vantage point, this is what I see.

* The Deep State planned two weeks ago to gobble up Silicon Valley Bank. It was not done to save the depositors, it was to plunder the Bail In Cash to continue on the cash strapped Corp Government.

* They are now going after First Republic Bank, an SVB associate bank, and after that 9 other associates.

* All of this will create fear in the financial system. Credit will be cut off drastically.

* FDIC will continue to cannibalize mid sized banks to survive.

* They may try to quick start their CBDCs.

* All of the above is their big attack against the released Jan 6 files and now the Covid Origin files. This will take care of the press for a few weeks.

* If James Howard Kunstler is correct and the Federal Reserve opened the vaults Friday to Walmart, Kroger and other national grocery chains, they have possibly throttled the food distribution system even more.

* I anticipate mass bank withdrawals from tomorrow forward. I anticipate crowded precious metal stores forever in the future.

* I have on opinion on “what will be done with the Stock Market.”

My advice is if you have to skip a house payment, stock up on non-perishable foods one last time. You can find the room for it.

I will update from here on down as news coms in.


Possibly a bail - In and a bail - out for other banks? Source

Happy Hunting!

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