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Jim’s Daily Rant. BlackRock and the RR Unions.

I had a buddy that was attending night school that I carpooled with for a semester. Pat was working on his Masters in Management. He told me of a class he had taken that somehow put him in the role of a union negotiator.

The class was broken up into small groups of negotiators that held their meetings simultaneously. I don't know how he did, I don’t think he ever said. But I do recall his reason for telling me of the experience. The Professor cheated one group!

Pat said the professor met with one participant alone and promised him an automatic “A” if the negotiation ended in a strike. This was announced after all negotiations were over and all was discussed afterward. The point was you have to look for hidden motives in adversaries.

Tomorrow we will learn if the railroad unions will go on strike. It is being echoed that BlackRock, Inc. controls the largest railroad in the contest. It is said that BlackRock owns a lot of the industries that could be shutting down the U.S. economy. Let’s hope none of this is true.

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