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Jim’s Daily Rant. Better Response To: From Jeff - Easy Dreams ???I

I realized this morning that I never really answered Jeff’s question to me.

About 10% of my Rants have come from dreams over the past ten years. Take that for what you feel it’s worth. But with that being said, you should understand my contract/agreement with the universe.

Twenty years ago I had to come to grips with the information I felt I was receiving. I dropped out of the work force because otherwise it would feel like I was cheating at poker with marked cards. I came to the conclusion that I personally had no right to benefit from what I was seeing. It was not mine to profit from.

So I formed an agreement with the universe to keep the information flowing in exchange for the following promises from myself:

I will use psychic intuition for the purpose of enlightenment for myself and for the benefit of others.

I will not use psychic intuition to control others or for recognition or ego satisfaction.

I will not thwart the free will of others nor will I interfere with another's higher consciousness plans.

I take information that I receive in dreams. I seldom ask questions. Most of my life I have never been overly concerned with money. I get it when it comes. Somehow it always comes.

If someone asks for investment advice, I usually say prepare your family for 3 to 6 months food and water purification. Prep and get a gun. Make a plan to keep the family safe. Invest in silver Dollars.

The above paragraph is step one. Step two is prepare your mind, plans and skill sets to recover as we step into the new world in our local community. This step is paramount!

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