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Jim’s Daily Rant. Ball Bearings and BASF.

Just in case you are behind in your reading and podcast watching, let me give it to you straight.

I have discussed before about a research group during WWII that only read newspapers from Europe searching for trends that might help the Allies in their war effort. This group noticed higher and higher prices for used ball bearings for machines.

They deduced that because of Germany’s war effort all available new ball bearings were going into military machines. So on one day all British and American bombers bombed all German ball bearing factories. At the end of the war German factories had thousands of war machines waiting for final assembly due to lack of ball bearings.

BASF is the largest chemical company on the planet. Their German headquarters is ten square miles of plants. They have reported that without enough natural gas they will have to shut down. This plant has never shut down in its 70 year history. To do so may take a year to bring the plants back up.

Two of the natural pipelines from Russia to Europe (entering into Germany first) are now shut down completely. The first was shut down for normal maintenance on a huge valve that was shipped to Canada for repairs. But now Canada refuses to return it as a sanction on Russia. Yesterday the second pipeline was either crushed or blown up and is full of sea water. It may take up to a year to repair it.

This means BASF will be forced to close. If they do, plants all over the world may have to shut down due to the lack of supplies from BASF.

Folks, the CABAL and their Green Deal wants most of humanity dead.

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