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Jim’s Daily Rant. Arrival Time – What Might It Be like To Evolve?

I raise this question because in order to escape our world of constant warfare we have to evolve as a species, which we are doing now. But none of us have ever experienced evolution. What will our new selves be like; how might we change?

I don’t have any answers here but I have a lot of questions. In my dreams I know that we arr evolving but I never saw us as a finished product. So like you I can only imagine.

First we have to accept that we will probably change in two ways: our minds and our bodies. Let’s start with our minds. In your mind’s eye, picture the answers to these questions.

1) If you are a sailor on an air craft carrier, how much will it personally cost you to eat in the galley?

2) When watching Star Trek or imagining an advanced civilization's spacecraft coming to visit Earth, do you picture those crews sitting on their desks at 4:30 PM on Friday’s waiting for their paychecks?

3) Before answering this question first watch this 3 minute video: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. - This Is A War We Should Have Never Fought.

    Question: If we reverse the world Kennedy displays, and no country ever again fears being plundered alive until death, how might local communities live in peace and better their lives together?

4) Have you ever heard of Edward Bellamy, the 1887 author of Looking Backward: 2000 to 1887 ?

His novel is about a man who died and woke up in the future. He described a community life of mostly cooperation. The most memorable thing for me from his book was his statement that if an angel came to Earth and decided to stay and raise a family, he would have to get a job. And that job would be in an economic system so perverse that it would “even perverse an angel.”

5) Now take the time to imagine the answer you might get to question #3 above, if it was answered by a space visitor from a highly advanced civilization.


How might our bodies change? Will we grow a third ear in the back of our head so we can know what people say about us behind our backs? Will be be able to outdo god’s design and add more gadgets to ourselves? This is a pretty big leap, so let’s not even go there for now. Just remember your Prom night looking at your date. Even with a few imperfections it was a gorgeous sight, wasn't it?

So now let’s look at changes we know we can expect within a year, shall we?

A) If we assume the Med Beds are fully perfected now, and not awaiting more improvements; and if we assume appointments are in alphabetical order; and our last name is Zackowski, then in a year we will get ourselves detailed, tuned up and have long red flames tattooed on our sides. We will emerge brand new, painless and spunky.

B) By now we have all figured out the sheep are supposed to grow long hair and we have been intentionally made sick.

Patch Adams dedicated his life to warning us that we are dying from stress, causing inflammation in our bodies. His doctorly advice was to stay away from doctors because they were being forced into bed with Big Pharma and just treating symptoms instead of healing our problems.

He scripted us with laughter and love; to create a stress free life as much as possible.

C) After learning how poisoned we are from Big Agra, we can take control of our food so that now it is nutritious. Now that we get the adequate nourishment we need, we can stop eating all the time because our bodies were tricked into believing we were hungry. Our food changes alone will be like having a nylon line attached to a collapsible potato chip we can eat and pull up over and over again without weight gain. Perhaps we will only eat half of what we were groomed to eat. .___________________________________

Here's where we are folks. If we end warfare, fear of being plundered by other countries and neighbors, think of the future stress that will prevent. Then if we complete the changes from Question #4 above and begin cooperating together instead of plundering each other. Then add in the proper nutrition and we will end up with a perfectly maintained body adding another delightful 40 years to our lives. __________________________________

Homework Assignment: It is time to watch the movie Arrival again. It can be seen on Prime. This will prepare us to use our minds in a different manner than we have been, much like becoming psychic.

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