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Jim’s Daily Rant. Arrests Being Made.

This will be short. It’s 4 AM and I am freezing my Tu-Tu off.

Last night SGAnon posted podcast #26 and in the beginning, stating that prior to Trumps speech Tuesday night there were 19 American flags behind his podium and this asserted he was running for the office of 19th President of the original Republic before it became a private corporation. He never mentioned the year “2024”.

At the 40 MM he said the Marine corps was making arrests of traitors in the Military. In the beginning of the podcast he suggested Trump made a nothing burger type of speech after announcing it to be an extremely important one. This was done to get bad guys to stay home to hear the speech and assess the damage to them. He never said it but one can read this as a time to have them at home for easy arrest Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.

He also said there were aircraft over the US from 14 other countries the past few days. He suggests we look at the air coverage reports (Monkey Wirx perhaps). Foreign aircraft gathered like this could only happen for a joint training exercise but one was never announced. This implies it was an active joint attack on the bad guys. If this is true could it be because part of the US military is captured and was kept out of the loop until senior military officers were arrested first before the rest of the military is brought in?

He also discussed the National Guards from all 50 states had already been Federalized under the Commander-In-Chief and had been deployed outside of the U.S. for their own missions.

Tribunals have been ongoing in the White House;

We must endure this a little longer.

Significant dates given to watch for: 11/22, 12/7, 12/10,

12/12, 1/20, 3/1, 3/4.

It is my understanding that the Marine Corps reports directly to the Commander-In-Chief as well as the National Guard if Federalized.

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