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Jim’s Daily Rant. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Rocky and the Dems’ Not Going To Play Fair With Trump.

Yesterday I finished viewing a podcast and failed to turn it off. I returned an hour later and found a new podcast had loaded and was running. Curiosity forced me to watch some of it.

It was an interview of Arnold saying goodbye to friends because he is leaving California due to the Woke state leaders. The interviewer heard from his life friend “The Fonz” who picked him up the day he arrived in Hollywood, a broke and desperate writer. He had spent it all in New York on writing his first script for Rocky and now he was going to sell it. He found a buyer for $350K with the stipulation he was fired and a new writer would correct it. He turned them down.

He later found a producer and he was to be the actor for Rocky (1). They only needed 28 days on the set to film it. The rest is history. I suppose his point was perhaps sometimes we are winners but just haven’t seen it yet.


I am now reminded of this 2 minute scene from Moneyball. The overweight ball hitter embarrassed himself by falling as he rounds first base and thinks the fans are laughing at him. Watch the clip now.

Both of these podcasts reveal we can be winners and not be aware of it and suffer terribly from not knowing the truth.


This weekend we saw the major Democrat talking heads bragging that if Trump wins the election, no one, including the Spy Alphabets, will give the President information needed. This is gotta be frightening to the MAGA Folks, right? Coming this far to win and just get the shut out, it’s almost Treasonous isn’t it?

You know me, always searching for anomalies. Here's one for the record books. Just about all Congress-people are lawyers. Speaking of anomalies, wouldn’t that be another one if a lawyer stood in front of a camera bragging about being in a conspiracy to commit Treason against the next President?

Is it possible that Trump has been correct all along in saying we are just watching theater in DC? Perhaps only actors reading lines in a play would admit their conspired Treason plan in operation. How else can a reasonable person explain this anomalie?

Have we already won WWIII and are just to scared to realize it, Sport Fans?

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