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Jim’s Daily Rant. Announcing a Free Business & Leadership School.

My goal twenty years ago was to be a part of the Collapse and Rest/Renaissance and mitigate suffering form what we are well into now. I have a free website up now that one can use to organize their county or community in recreating their local economy.

I am now beginning my new venture in creating a free online Business and Leadership school.

Why It Is Needed:

New Economics:

Our global economic system is dying and needs to do so. Each country must reinvent its own new economy. The large box box companies will collapse and local economies will return. This will cause a huge growth of new small businesses immediately. Where will that leadership come from to insure those businesses survive?

I have spoken before that this would be a natural expansion of the Certified Public Accountants to move into to replace their loss of IRS tax business. They could bone up on business management, form alliances with law firms, Data Processing services, Marketing, etc. to become business consultants. But I don’t know if they will make the shift.

This leaves experienced tradesmen ready to fill the voids but many have no formal business training or leadership training other than directing a few persons they keep an eye on. Creating a growing business from scratch and doing it right is a herculean challenge for most persons. You are thrown to the wolves. Where will they get the immediate training support from?

VAX Die Offs:

We are expecting as much as a global loss of 40% of workers to to sickness or death from the Vax over the next couple of years, we are told. However, yesterday we were informed that there may be an antidote coming. But even if this is true we still must anticipate a drop in global experienced workers in the short-run.

This means the normal promotion in the business world into management is usually around 35 years of age. That is because I would appreciate any feedback you can provide. Thanks no school really teaches leadership – it must be learned from experience and that takes time. The same is true of business management – it mainly comes from experience. What I foresee is young 20 year olds will by necessity be pushed into the leadership positions formally taken by 30ish employees. This will be suicide for the 20 year olds, without support and training. Let me restate that – this will be suicide for local economies trying to recover.

I would appreciate any feedback you can provide. Thanks

My Local Remedy:

I try to give my grand-kids a boost in life as they prepare to leave home. The last one I gave tons of tools and a Home Repair Guide book to as I knew he would need them all. I also offered special training for his journey but he was not interested. The next is a senior in High School, great grades and is attending Vo-Technical School in HVAC Technician school. He plans to go full time next year to get his certificate. He has a buddy in the same classes and a third buddy now working in the field alone for a local company. He is studying for his Master license. They are entertaining the dream of their own company some day.

Because I was tasked twice in my career as a financial controller to train the owners kids to take over the family businesses, the second time I recorded all of my work products for that task. I offered to tutor / coach Camren so he would be prepared for his intended journey. He is all.

I offered to grant him all software, books and materials for this. I also offered to grub stake his business venture when the time comes, if he is prepared for the task. He is free to bring friends along with him if he chooses.

If he brings others in I will put everything on a website for ease to the students.

My Proposal To You:

If you know of anyone who might wish to avail themselves of the future free website let me know. If you wish to assist in the brainstorming of this project let me know.


Attached is my contract with him. Also is the syllabus I threw together yesterday. I am sure it will grow.

I would appreciate any feedback you can provide. Thanks

Business Syllabus
Download PDF • 29KB
Tutoring Contract
Download PDF • 40KB

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