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Jim’s Daily Rant. And So It Begins. Trump Made $4.5 Million on a NFT and So Can You.

Yesterday this article was posted: And So It Begins: Digital Currency Becomes Possible in our Future. It is a terrifying piece about the Central Banks now issuing Central Bank Digital Currency and how they will incorporate it with social media monitoring to control how we use our new money (CBDC) to keep us alive if we are politically good or die if we are deemed an enemy of the State. It is a very scary thought.

Last week Trump made $4.5 Million (4,500 X $99) by selling virtual cards of his jewels tightly packed in a Superman costume. Also a very scary thought (for his jewels). The Media, both Main Street and Alternative, are ridiculing him for that stunt. That is where we are today after both scary thoughts have rocked our worlds.

But what if Trump wasn’t wasting our time and hopes by showing off his jewels and salesmanship?

What if he was showing us how we don’t need the CBDC to live happily ever-after? What if we don’t need the banks to transact business at all and we can just forget about them and let them simply go to hell? In my book that’s exactly what he did. He taught us how to create our own money at will so we don’t need the Central Banks.

The idiots that bought the Family Jewel portraits got only the bragging rights to them. They got their $99 value. But suppose you pay $999 for a real 2018 Porsche in perfect running condition, never wrecked with just 27,000 miles on it, delivered to your doorstep? And suppose it came with a $3,000 cash back guarantee from the real Lloyd's of London if the product is not delivered as promised. All of this could be done by using a NFT (Non-Fungible Token; It’s one of a kind.) just like Trump used. But instead of getting a virtual Playing card you would get a virtual printable title digitized so it cannot be sent to others at the same time, and copies of the bill of lading (shipping doc) and Digitized original guarantee made out to you, all certified if you will.

All of the above just allowed the Ex-Wife seller to create her own money instead of using a bank to do it for him, saving him the costs of the banking services. It gave guarantees to the buyer without the safety of a banker acting as a neutral party acting as title transfer agent.

This is our new financial system for commerce. Anybody can do this by watching a few YouTubes and typing into a computer.

“Turn and face that which you fear and you will see there was never a reason to fear it”.

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