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Jim’s Daily Rant. All Eyes Are Upon Texas, Part II.

After I posted Part I, I took my weekly shower in which I had a flashback to a movie I saw last week. I tried to get away from the news and watched a familiar movie on YouTube, The Battle Of Athens, Tennessee 1946.

It is a true story of a town that was run illegally by a sheriff and Mayor that stole the ballot box so they could control the election. There was great scene when the Mayor and Sheriff decided they would rather be elsewhere. See: Scene

The above scene is what I saw in the shower. I saw the back store-room of a shop store with a small just starting. The proprietor was about to douse it when he realized there was the beginning of an earthquake occurring and he was in the shop that night as a super hurricane was about to hit in the morning. He suddenly realizes that now is a good time to run.

If you are a big banker and see Evergrande about to hit, see the fiat Dollar collapsing, Epsteine’s list coming out, the Elite global control evaporating, and just heard Trump’s voice entering your bank and calling your name, what would you do?

Stay tuned Folks.

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