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Jim’s Daily Rant. Adam Called Me Today.

He was excited for the first time in a long time. Usually he is frustrated because the Reset is taking so long, just like the rest of us. But this morning was different.

“I can actually see it, Jim” he said. Usually he gets tired of Judy Byington and her dates that are uncertain if she is saying something happened or is about to happen. But today her post was most unusual. For one, it is a mile ling with information.

She begins by pointing out that the Speaker of the House must be in place by January 9th so the newly elected Congressmen can be sworn in before SCOTUS can announce that some of the remaining Congressmen are fired as result of the Brunson suit.. Source

Once that is done then hopefully NESARA and then GESARA can be announced. That is why Adam is happy this morning. I agree with him 100% but am happier than he is about it all. He promised to come visit and buy me a drink after it happens!

P. S. Jeff posted today what is said to be the NESARA Act Document, or a draft. Source

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