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Jim’s Daily Rant. A Carrington Event.

I am listening to the Tucker Carlson interview Dennis Quade regarding a Carrington Event taking out our electrical system.

I started a group retreat for about 60 persons ten years ago. About eight years ago I received a call from an Electrical Engineer with the power company in Birmingham, Alabama. He was interested in joining us if thing go bad.

His concern was a Carrington Event. As he explained it, one would shut down the entire country. The problem was one would have to replace electrical components that are not inventoried or manufactured in the U. S. It might take a year to locate such equipment and obtain it locally.

Then the problem is to restart a local grid system. According to him, you need to jump start the local power station by getting power from a neighboring system. So if you had your system completely repaired, you would still have to wait until a neighboring power station was powered up before you can do the same. He said it was a real nightmare.

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