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Jim’s Daily Rant. A Backwards Civil War In America?

For 25 years I have said I saw this chaos period coming in which we “Put the train back on the tracks.” Today I admit I was wrong. I am beginning to see that we will be putting the tracks back under the train. We are about to go through a backwards Civil War.

Yesterday I was reminded that our country was founded as a Republic and that all member states also had state Constitutions that are Republic in form. But since I was a youngun we have been taught that we were a Democratic nation, not Republic. This has allowed us to to be moved from our Constitution and to the hell we are now in. We have been usurped and robbed of our root Republic Constitution.

The Texas revolt card now being played at the border problem may have been held back until the time was right to play it, which is now. We are told that the Democrats want us to go into a Civil war and start shooting at each other in the streets. This way they can steal the Election again.

Well, what if instead we in the Red states resurrect and openly show the Republic again, and instead of succeeding from the Union, we expel the Blue dominated states and let them have their own election; just let them win! Now we are catching them off guard and with their pants down.

The way to expel them is require paper ballots only.

The Red states can then have paper ballots and their own private election. We would just ignore the Blue state votes. Why fight them in phony courts?

Then it would be on the Blue states to return to the National Republic! They would have to fight like hell in their own states mind you, to return to their State Constitution to get back into the National Republic!

Isn't this how Robert E. Lee and Sun Tzu would do it, take the high ground and force them to come to us?

I hope and pray that this is where we are going. Your thoughts?

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John Duggan
John Duggan
Jan 30

Maybe the red states can go paper ballot only and picture id.


John Duggan
John Duggan
Jan 30

Sounds effective. Let's do it!

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