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  • Jim Costa

Jim’s Daily Rant. A/B Switches and the Financial Default.

My first experience with A/B switches is when I began computerizing businesses. To my delight I could easily throw a cheap switch to change from one printer to another printer. This was amazing to my butt. Everything I printed was on plain white paper or Green Bar paper. I no longer had to throw my butt down, crawl under the printer (on a stand) and change boxes of paper. I loved that switch.

This was also the time I was writing programs as the software business had not picked up yet. Most of my procedure switches were A/B type. It was so simple then.

Then I studied law and realized life was not simple. To this day I remember a few lines from a sea shanty that reminded me of the lack of simplicity.

Mother Nature Don’t draw straight lines

we’re broken moulds in a Grand Design. We look a mess but we’re doing fine.

We’re card carrying life-long members of the Union of Different Kinds. Source

In law there are times when it flickers between “A” and “B”.

I think we are all expecting to see a moment displaying an A/B switch in out financial collapse; the debt limit will be raised or not raised. But today I suggest it will be a flickering switch that we won’t see for awhile.

I believe the theater like debt-fight will raise the limit and life will appear to go on. But in the background some government treasury sales days may not go so well, due to lack of buyers. So secretly the printing press will go into high speed as needed. This will flicker from day to day and we won’t be aware of it until it all closes in on us with skyrocketing unexplainable hyperinflation.

So brace yourselves and your businesses for the hyperinflation.

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