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Jim's Chat Room Conversation, Part 2.

@Kauboy: I hope you have seen the movie The Imitation Game as I am going to reference it. It is the true story of the group that cracked the German Enigma encryption machine in WWII. After they cracked it they realized if they reported every detail of all German communications the Germans would know their code had been cracked and change it. Therefore, the team informed the British MI6 (spy group) that (for the last three years of the war) they would only reveal enough information for the Allies to win the war but not enough information that the Germans will suspect their code was cracked. Thus they allowed bad things to happen. Could this be what is happening now? Trump and the Military are actually in charge but are letting Biden act as the President. Biden has no real power such as the decision to pull out of Afghanistan but is held responsible for the botched withdrawal procedure. He can't say publicly he is not in charge. All he can do is stand still while the economy collapses, as it must, and take the blame for being a rotten leader. Is this possible?

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