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Iowa Governor Declares It’s Time To Treat Coronavirus Like Flu And Ends All COVID Emergency Orders.

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Yesterday Clif High Posted his "Mi laik go long ples" . . . "Mi laik gogo goodes", discussing South Sea isolated natives that the Allies imposed on when they built an air field on their island in WWII

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Mar 02, 2022

Except for corticosteroids in mild to severe illness, the majority of trialled entrepreneurs have failed to produce reproducible, definite evidence of efficacy in lowering COVID-19 mortality. Recently, evidence has emerged that the antiparasitic drug Iverheal 12 (Ivermectin) and HCQS 200 has a variety of antiviral and anti-inflammatory actions, with promising study outcomes. Given that a number have failed peer review, a number of informational teams on the Unitaid/World Health Organization side have embarked on a systematic worldwide initiative to bite all zealous trial investigators to immediately provide the data needed to grade and conduct meta-analyses. Knowledge was gathered from peer-reviewed publications, manuscripts submitted to preprint servers, expert meta-analyses, and various treatment assessments of areas where Ivermectin(Iverheal 12) distribution programmes were…

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