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Interview with Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes, who "urges Americans to prepare for TOTAL WAR.

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Recap Below: [MUST SEE]

By Mike Adams: 57 Minute Video Recapped [Must see] 2 Minute Mark - Rhodes believes the Insurrection act should be invoked now.

6 MM - Rhodes is a Constitutional legal scholar. Shares his thoughts on the Texas case. We are in an insurrection now.

11 MM - States should call up National Guards and Militias to guard politicians. Militias have worked with National Guards before. National Guards can be called up by Trump and then they would not be under the control of governors. Trust SOCOM the most. 18 MM - All Trumps needs is the Insurrection act. No such thing as limited Martial Law.

22 MM - Military Tribunals - Civilians still have a right to civil trial for treason. 25 MM - Don't fall into the trap of using the NDAA as it is unconstitutional - it turns us into a military dictatorship. 34 MM - How many Special Ops forces are there in the U.S.? Answer: Doesn't matter. More can be flown in; former SOs can be called up.

40 MM - If Biden gets in we will have mass non-compliance and revolution right down to County level; a purge at county level. There is now a move to oust governors in Texas, California, New York etc.

50 MM - Carrier groups around the U.S. are neither good or bad; depends on the admirals in charge of each group.

55 MM - The longer Trump waits to invoke the Insurrection the worse it will be.

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