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From Joe - Why the Maui Fires affect you - Why is FEMA and the RED CROSS preventing assistance?

This video from a local details exactly what the Federal Government – in collusion with the Red Cross – is doing in preventing supplies and assistance from reaching the residents of Lahaina, which is completely vaporized. The Maui Emergency Management Agency Administrator Herman Andaya just resigned today, so guess who is now been handed over default control of the Emergency response? This affects every American, because if FEMA and institutions like the American Red Cross (an organization that’s gone WOKE with its DEI initiatives) have been weaponized to use disasters as a means to confiscate property and literally destroy the lives of the American people, then what happens when they use the climate change ruse to “create” emergencies with “accidental” electrical grid outages that affect communities that just happen to consist of Red-voting counties.? Hawaii is a perfect place to test-run such a plan, since it is a primarily Democrat-voting island isolated enough to better limit assistance from surrounding states. Posted by: Joe Wade - “If we are unable to skeptically interrogate our authorities, then we hand over our freedoms to any scientific charlatan claiming themselves as the abiter of science” § Carl Sagan

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