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From Joe - Why everyone should regret ever creating a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter Accounts.

Depending on what you have EVER posted on your Facebook, Reddit, 4chan, 8kun, Twitter, Telegram, Discord, and Gab accounts, you may now unknowingly be listed in Custom and Border Patrol’s “Person-of-Interest Network” based on whether its new AI-powered “risk analytics" has deemed as "risk terms and phrases" in posts, images and videos.

But don’t worry, this would NEVER be used as a tool to select who gets audited, or detained at the airport, or SWATTED at 6:00 AM at their home – RIGHT?

What happens to those who never created accounts on any social media platforms?

Yeah, we missed out on staying in touch with all the cool kids now addicted to the hand implants called I-phones who have become slaves to portable mind-control flatscreens that track your thoughts, locations, purchasing habits, group associations, biometrics, food preferences, sexual proclivities and even your current mood. – all now absorbed into a vast database called the Cloud that AI can now analyze to determine your social credit score that will determine your rights.

Good luck with that.

Joe Wade

“Socialist media was never about bringing people closer together, it was always about getting you on a “list” for eventual control.”

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