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From Joe Wade - SO - What happens when a hailstorm hits a Utility Power Company's Solar Panel Array?

So what happens to all those 1000’s of Solar Panels that FPL (Florida Power) forced us to pay for with 28% Power bill increases (and climbing) over the past 3 years?

- When a hail storm hits them?

Well, here’s your answer.

It just happened to a 14,000 panel, 5.2 MW community solar array in Nebraska.

COMPLETELY DESTROYED – so much for that 25-year lifespan.

Let’s see:

14000 Panels at $400/Panel = $5.6 Million (Labor not included) – but we have to wait for China to deliver them.

14000 mirrors x 7 years bad luck / mirror = 98,000 years of bad luck coming to all those “Greenie Weenie” utility companies like FPL.

ALERT: FPL Public Announcement ! !

Due to perfectly predictable circumstances caused by that unforeseen typical Summer hurricane,

We are required to ration power by using that “SMART meter” we installed on your home without your consent.

Because we had no idea that mothballing all those evil gas-fired ‘Base-Power’ utility plants might be a problem.

So turn off your air conditioner and stop charging your electric cars - or we will do it for you.

OH yeah, your bills will be doubled next month to pay for replacement costs.

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