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From Joe Wade - Hilarious - Homeowner's clever response to an HOA's demand to hide his boat from view.

You got to love this guy for his ingenuity – not to mention his solution to the Starving Artist problem.

The funniest thing is that all his neighbors want to hire the mural artist to do the same things to their fences.  

Be careful what you wish for.


Response From Jim:

Before My wife and I moved to our retreat, we lived next to a huge track of woods.We built a nice cozy deck where we could talk uninterpreted by the kids and just chill out.We loved the view but knew it would soon be a subdivision.

We often laughed about waiting until it popped up and then put up the fence with a mural of a Junk Yard on it. It popped up but we never found the right artist.

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