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From Joe: The Lie that is Juneteenth

On June 17, 2021, Juneteenth National Independence Day was declared a national Federal Holiday that immediately went into effect 2 days later on June 19, 2021. The sudden decision to implement immediately caused all sorts of havoc for anyone that had preplanned services with Federal Government office on that day.

NOPE – it couldn’t wait until the next year (like most new holiday laws) – the 2022 election was coming soon.

But Just to set the record straight:

– “NO, all the slaves were not freed on June 19th, 1865 when General Gordon Granger enforced the Emancipation Proclamation decree in Galveston, Texas after the Civil War.

I guess the 50K to 100K Black Lives in Delaware, Kentucky, Missouri, & Maryland don’t matter, since they were not officially freed until 6 months later – upon ratification of the 13th amendment on 12/06/1865.

Also Curious:

Why was it named “Juneteenth National Independence Day?”

ANSWER: Because the real reason was to challenge and eventually replace our actual “Independence Day (July 4th, 1776)”.

- Small businesses unable to afford 2 holidays so close together (16 days apart) who make the choice to celebrate only July 4th are ripe for attack from ANTIFA and BLM mobs

Black Lies Matter.

Joe Wade

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