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From Joe: Maybe it's time to close that Bank of America Checking/Savings account while you still can

You ever wonder why Bank of American can only afford to give you the lowest interest of almost any other bank in America on that regular Savings/Checking Account? (0.01 to 0.04%)

The reason is simple – Go WOKE Go BROKE!

Having any accounts there automatically signs you up to the “Go WOKE Go BROKE” philosophy.

Bank of America CEO’s (Brian Moynihan) statements made during his Woke Economic Forum speech in January, 2023 were astoundingly anti-American.

Here is what the bank is doing now, and planning to do in the near future:

· Monitor your purchases

· Track your emissions

· Fund paid-abortion-vacations to its employees wanting to kill their babies .

· Attack American farmers by funding artificial meat projects

· Attack your Second Amendment rights by refusing loans to gun & ammo manufacturers.

· Force Critical Race Theory training onto their employees.

· Invest in China-owned banks controlled by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party)

· Implement Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) metrics which will lock individuals and businesses out of key banking services.

Does that sound like a Bank that supports American values? They should change their name to WOKE Economic Forum Bank.

Joe Wade

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