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From Joe - Coincidence? - Hawaiian Governor declared "Emergency Proclamation" suspending Rights.

Just 3 weeks before fires burned out 80% of Lahaina, Maui, Hawaiian Governor Dictator Josh Green (Democrat Communist) suspended laws that impeded emergency response in cases of natural disasters or a coronavirus pandemic. He effectively granted himself dictatorial powers based on a fake “Emergency Proclamation Relating to Housing” Executive order that he declared on 07/16/23. This Executive order nullifies private property rights by suspending laws that protect those rights.

This Executive Order transfers all land-use decision-power for rebuilding a catastrophic area from state and county agencies to exclusive control of the Governor’s Housing Officer (Nani Medeiros).

Then, out of nowhere, fires suddenly ignited at 5 different locations simultaneously in Maui on August 8 and FEMA is preventing anyone from entering the area to provide assistance.

While at the same time, bids for rebuilding are being negotiated with outside redevelopment companies with no input allowed from anyone representing the people of Lahaina, Maui.

By the way, explain how this extremely strange anomaly happened in a parking lot in Lahaina, Maui.

What would cause 2 parked cars to heat up to temperatures that can melt Aluminum (1220° F) and tempered Glass (1425° F), but leave the surrounding buildings intact with not even a scorch?

Joe Wade

Comment From Jim: Also see Ben Fulford post last week in which he suggests the Elite are doing a land grab for a place they can bug out to and protect themselves from the rest of the world.

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