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  • Jim Costa

From Joe - Again - Ramaswamy will be the Republican Nominee for the 2024 Election.

Though I don’t trust him one iota, and DeSantis is my pick, I predict that Ramaswamy will be the Republican Nominee for the 2024 Election

. He is the Republican version of Obama – a fake “Hope & Change” candidate with a funny name. You can tell when FAKE-NEWS FOX is getting behind Ramaswamy. Once Trump gets assassinated, jailed or dies under “questionable” circumstances, Ramaswamy is being set up to fill the Republican Presidential Nominee seat. However, the Democrat nominee (most likely Grusome Newsom) will “win” the 2024 election through massively obvious voter fraud.

The media will even admit that the voter fraud was necessary to “Protect democracy.” Then the civil unrest – real or not – will justify declared martial law, lockdowns, and direct Federal incarcerations of any citizen who challenges the election results.

Our best defense will be dependent upon the resistance instituted by local sheriffs and state governors. Joe Wade “Politicians know beautiful surfaces have a terrible depth, so they muddy the waters to make it seem deep” -Friedrich Nietzsche

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