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From Jim - who's name property is it?

I don't understand why all these seemingly posted news (north, east, west, south in-formations) ....possibly distractions on this and other websites  - regarding news flow instead of legal  cui-bono's - nested inside of occams' razor's.

Why do we need so many sensationalizing potential distracting news articles when we might more easily be asking our state of state "Secretary" and Probate/Registrars/Vital Statistic "officers" who own's the name-property "listed" on these alleged "copies"  of certificates of live birth or legal abstract certificates of birth.  Is it the state or we living-people?  Give me the origination document - why not?

An a-counting of name property seems to be "in order"  - does it not?

Consider explaining it to me  - like I'm a 6th grader!

Response: Perhaps you already know the answer.

Your second paragraph telegraphs you have figured it out; how to set yourself free if you can get a response out of the right person. But what good will it do you?

Suppose you are a great ape locked in the zoo with ten other apes. You manage to set yourself free. But what does it gain you? You are free but your whole universe is still held captive. So now you die alone in isolation, living with the guilt of winning and at the same time, losing.


So now go back and set them all free. In the process destroy the zoo. Then let's cause the community to see it was evil and swearing they will never do it again. Now that is a fulfilled life adventure, to save them all, present and future. _______________________________________

Perhaps that is why we have all these distracting headlines; so we can learn how to focus our thoughts on what we want, instead of what we have been focusing on and getting what we didn't want. I read where Mother Teresa was invited to a rally against war. She declined but said if a pro-Peace rally were to be convened, she would be there for that. Perhaps she knew.

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