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  • Jim Costa

From Jim B - Make it work - one of many workable plans.

Succeeding more or less is a personal thing.  I used to NOT be so good at it and for longer than I care to admit; however, regardless of good times or bad - it makes little difference. 

Rule #1:  We are as successful as we are willing to inconvenience ourselves.  

Be - Be like those people who have gotten there before

Do - things like they do

Have - things like they do.

Rule #2 there are 168 hours in a week - 56 for sleep, 40-60 for a job =  approximately 110 hours.

Rule #3 we have 58 hours left to inconvenience ourselves even more!!!

If it were me, I would highly focus on these 58 (whatever) hours of daily and weekly thoughts/actions.

Rule #4 Next, I would have an extra clear mind vision (expectation) what I wanted for the following:

Daily, Weekly, Monthly,  six months, annually & then 3 years.  We often miss what we don't shoot for.

Rule #5 We first, we must master our Daily and Weekly cadence - everything else works the same way from there.  We learned to ride a bicycle never knowing why it worked so - so who cares why.

Rule #6 - Go back to Rule #1

Our mind/body is heat seeking missile - but only we can point it less so or not. That's my only point.

But regardless of everything else;  "Make it work" is the only core advice I give myself - daily.  I make a point to do it.

All my best,

jim b.

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