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  • Jim Costa

From Jim B- False Flags - A rhythm and rhyme.

What is a false flag?  We are often instructed to think of it in only one way.  Average intel-i-gents may not be savvy from where it starts and it bends.  No need to know - more-so that its simply a means to an end.

Incorporation, both International and in space - a potential red flag?  Globalist central - green the new red - one hell of a thread to trace?  False-flagging nation-states and countries with vigor and pace.  incorporation - a false flag flying high above all, but floating just above land in thought, sound, national territory - a virtual overlay or trace.

A con-side-ration, con(false) or conn(true) combined with several perspectives in ration - might our free-will be easily be dis-placed or in separation.  Our mind's contract or agreement - a free-will potential, but more likely  a highly pre-suaded decision-space consternation.

Shiny new 15 minute cities a cooperative bunch - five neins or a 911(no one-won).  Quick - call 9-11 as we've fallen and might not get up.

Red, white and blue also being "color-of" one's eyes - not matter.  Is the earth round or is it a platter?  Entertaining no doubt, but not the meat of the matter.  Living people knowing more might be a better focus and less disaster.

All too casual our minds internal fodder - an agreement of "sorts" tis often just a shart and splatter.  Pasma, Gas, liquid or solid -  reliable is all that truly matters.

What time of the day is the sun at peak - morning, noon, or at evening's peek.  Never a time - as earth revolves around a still sun.  That is how it is solved.  I realize many people may consider this dumb - yet such an obvious known-known - a truth very easily plumbed.

1) What might be the color-of-law be - I wonder? An attributive "state, condition, or quality". 2nd order and not 1st - a false-flag clouding what people might otherwise ponder?

2) Is a human real-ity an attributive "state, condition or quality" - 2nd order of a 1st Order sentient living-man grounded to and of the land - not that of a bee.

3) Is a per-son real-ity an attributive "state, condition or quality" -  3rd order of a 2nd Order hue-man or color-of-man -  a non-spiritual animal property.

Might a per-son simply be name-property and legal transmitting utility.  An attributive "false-flag" not even a he/him, she/her nor me.

For how might such "things" be joined?  In order of course - 1, 2 and then 3.

If you wonder how may parties of interest in involved - a contract between 2, but you might find that it is 3. 

3 card Monty - a common street con  or 3 shells if you please.   Our mind's most common false flag - a dealer, a shill and me.  Is my mind's eye the victim of these?

Can you sense it yet? 

The most common woo of all - is woo of the 3's

Me, myself or I - a child's game - not suppose to be such an obfuscated false-flag real-ity!

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