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From Jim B. - Fact or Fiction?

I often jokingly refer to it my first fisher-price "out of body experience."  Fortunately for me it is not complex woo - just re-imagining the world as a spectator vs active participant.  Often an extraordinarily insightful shift in real-ity.  ("ITY": added to adjectives to form "Nouns" referring to a "state" or "quality"). 

Real-ity:  A "state" of mind? 

Why might this be seemingly important - being able to "state" one(s) mind.  Is this perhaps what a "state" within our union really is - a stated "subjective" territory name and boundaries agreed upon by a collection of people as an "objective" collective fact for mutual advantage. 

What is a noun?  What if we instead use the long vowel sounding "O" - like "Oh" ?  Would the word "noun" sound exactly like the word "Known".  Gee,  I wonder why a noun is de-scribed as a person, place or thing?   Scribe(d) as in a "Man-U-Script". 

There often appears a thin veil between fact(s) and fictions(s)

So, lets get to the meat of why I wrote all the above mumbo jumbo.

Most people appear very psychologically connected to their given (first) and surname (last name), especially when we hear, see or write it.  Arguably, our name might form a significant foundation of who we think "the-ink" we are - our social reputation "id-entity" or "state" of mind within a family or given society.  A "grounding" of our life energy of sorts.

Imagine that your name is Calvin Klein.  When you say, hear or write that name - does it refer to a person, place, or thing?  The name appears both as a man and a brand-name - perhaps a business or maybe even a corporation.

How do we know which "one"  "it" is referring to - an actual living-being or a "fictional" construct like a business brand-name?

We could ask our parents if they ever created a "register, registry or registration-of" our given/surname (or more specifically your otherwise private name-property) as a state-registered fictional brand-name certificate and if so, who has "possession" of the original document (not merely copies of it).

If you think about it, typically the "state" of ___________ vital "statistics" office, where ever your were born, likely has "possession" of all originating birth certificate/certification in which your sounds-like, looks-like, spelled-like Calvin Klein brand name-property was perhaps registered as a "fictional" ID-Ent-Ity.  (ENT: earns, nose and throat) and perhaps not that of a living being.

If "possession" is 9/10ths of the L.A.W. - then "ownership" appears easier to maintain if one has ownership of some "thing".  Regardless who that "one" might be.

Cui Bono (noun):

Utility, advantage, or self-interest considered as the determinant of value or motivation.

  1. The principle that the ultimate initiator of an action is likely he who stands to gain from the action.

Does anyone you know "posses" the actual origination document or such?  I do not.  Interestingly, I kindly asked for original document and my offer was denied.  Additionally, when I went to the State-of_____ probate office and it's public magistrate - they would not make any claim as-to who(m) owned the name-property on my  "copy" of the original birth certificate they "sold" me earlier.  Golly!

Are you using your name-property "subjectively" or "objectively".   How is the defacto "state" of _____ using it when they claim to re-present "you" (a shared pro-noun - potentially the subject or object within a sentence)

Who ever thought that simple nouns (persons, places, things, states or qualities) might merely re-present such potentially un-known property interests?

Real-ity:  A "state" of mind.  Who knew?

All my best,

Jim B.

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