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From Jim B - Donald Trump shares bizarre eclipse campaign advert (maybe not so bizarre).

Donald Trump shares bizarre eclipse campaign advert (maybe not so bizarre)

Donald Trump appears to perhaps be turbo-trolling NASA (not a space agency) and alike... using the eclipse coupled with the music in Stanley Kubrick's: 2001 A Space Oddessy.

Consider watching  "Kubricks Oddssey I" from director Jay Weinder on Amazon Prime.

It is available via a 7 day Gaia trial on Amazon Prime -  then cancel it if desired.

Perhaps couple what you observe in Weinder's movie with the current Trump advert's imagery, but also the age in which the advert is set (people in the past) focusing on illusion, but not the entire real-ity.

The advert is NOT re-presenting "Who is your Quasi-Person's Daddy?" , but appears to include a plethora of actual Americans (living people) from all ages and cultures.

The advert perhaps is suggesting a larger awakening of American "people" not simply regarding the original republic, a republican form of federal government, but a broader understanding of has happened in the past  - "behind the scenes".

I do not really know for sure - but appears remarkably correlated.

All my best.


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