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From Jim B - An incorporated name-property - who said?

Definition of of "ity" - a state or quality.   possible-ity, proabable-ity or super-i-or-ity or inferior-ity.

In this super brief article and video snippet - This well known general fowards that congress appears as the board of directors of the corporation "called" The american government -  regarding "classification".

Proport - to act as if something is true when it is not. 

  1. Perhaps the general is not proporting that congress "acts" as a board of directors

  2. Perhaps he might be noticing congress that a "thing" "called" "sound-like" the  original American government is now but a mere incorporated fictional venue (location or subject matter) and that they have incorporated standing within it.  Does a board-room sound like a goverment of the people or more like a "stakeholder" multi-national global venue. Hmmm?

  3. However, a fiction is not the original organic "being" populated by living people - versus a congressionally well-known incorporated brand-name .gov operating in parallel-construction... perhaps a thin veil of the original.

  4. Calvin Klein a living man vs. Calvin Klein a business brand-name. 

  5. Incorporated entities use fictional brand or stage names - more simply a "theater" of operations or capacity.  a Court beguiling ones private name-property is not "culled" a "hearing" by which see-zing property might also simply be fraudulent conveyance of re-classified otherwise real name-property.

  6. What do you hear and see? Confidence is easily beguiled "thing" - perhaps having only the "appearance" of legitimacy while simultaneously misappropriating the real thing.

What a "thing" is cull-ed, spell-ed and heard (herd) is not necessarily what it is - such "things" may merely be attributive and not actual. 

Your eye may be called a "ball" or "blue", but blue is not a living breathing organic thing - it is an attributive "ity" - a state or quality of such.  What did your mind's eye see or hear when someone said "ol' blue-eyes" or "Calvin Klein"? 

To be accurate, one's eye's color may actually be a combination of "blue", "white", "black" and sometimes "red" - depending :-)

Is all the world (whirrled-earth), but theater?

L.A.N.guage or minds-eye in-formations are intentionally deceiving.  It's not called phon-e-ticks for nutt'n.

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